Friday, March 2, 2012

It's been too long ~ Early Spring Already!

Our weather has been very mild for winter.  I'm concerned that we might not actually have a spring season.  This made me want to plant early!  Which I did.  But first I ordered a small 4 shelf greenhouse system with a heavy plastic cover and zippered door.

I have a small permanent greenhouse attached to the back of our house.  Has it's own door from basement to greenhouse and everything but it is not heated.  The addition of a garage to our property blocked the early morning sun to the greenhouse so it is limited how we can use it.  I put the new little greenhouse in the permanent one to make it warmer for seedlings. 

So far, I've planted kale and swiss chard.  This weekend I'm planting leeks and bunching onions.  I ordered shallots and will receive the bulbs soon.

As for my whole garden plan?  I'm still undecided.  I'm considering digging out one of my 4' x 4' beds to plant potatoes.  The square foot gardening method is to dig deep and put in compost.  Plant your spud eyes in that.  As the plant grows, add more dirt.  Lots of people even use peat moss for the additional dirt as the plants are growing.  Some people use straw and/or hay.  I suggest using the appropriate soil for growing potatoes.  Adding some vermiculite and peat moss to your soil will make it hold moisture and give it a friable texture.  This will make it easier to harvest the potatoes too.

I'll come up with some pictures soon.