Sunday, May 10, 2015

What a great morning!  The weather at 6:30 AM was perfect for getting out into the garden and dig.  I finally accumulated everything I needed to work the beds and frame them in so the chickens don't eat everything I plant.

I'm still not done but next weekend should be the last of seed planting and structure building.  In the raised beds I will have:

  • Kale  (seedlings are on porch)
  • Broccoli  (seedlings are on porch)
  • carrots
  • onions
  • parsnips
  • beets
  • radishes
  • lettuce
  • swiss chard
  • bush beans
  • garlic is up and about 8" tall in a bed of its own
I have basil seed from last year that I'll start after my morning run on Tuesday.  I'm all booked up with doing driver's recertifications from Monday through Thursday.  I also have dill to plant.

On the window sill there's 3 kinds of tomatoes and the Japanese eggplant that I like.  They'll go in the bucket garden.

I'm not sure where the squash will go yet.  I also have broccoli raab but where to put it?  Flea beetles will attack that with a vengeance.  Maybe on the porch?

Till next time...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I have an update for my storage drawers project.  I still want to add some ephemera but this will just have to happen as inspiration (and time) allow.  

I also have finished another desk project that involves storage.  Tin cans!. I'm keeping all those things I use most often that I normally have to hunt and dig for which wastes tons of time and is irritating.  

I do buy the patterned paper when I either have a coupon or it goes on sale. I try to recycle as many things for a project as I can.

Then, I made a lazy susan type base to glue my cans to but couldn't come up with a grouping I liked that would fit so it's waiting in the wings for a use.
The wood base was $3.50 at Joanne's; lazy Susan mechanism was $4.95 @ Home Depot;  I cut 2 pieces of chipboard and glued them together for the round platform that I covered in paper and trim.  

I've also been busy in the garden.  We have kale, broccoli and fava beans up that need to be transplanted.  Tomatoes haven't sprouted yet.  Beds are all ready for planting but I may add more rock dust.

So many things are in the works and/or have been done that I'll need to designate more time for posting! I will catch up.

I'm also working more at my job than I had planned but it may be a God thing.  I haven't been able to purchase the food I want for the chickens because of the expense.  Now I will be able to.

I've taken an interest in making various kinds of books and must say, it's my favorite craft and hobby!  I'm considering selling them as a way to be at home more and concentrating on building that homestead.  Can't very well take care of animals if you aren't at home.  So much change to deal with.  It feels right though so I'm just believing, again, that it's God's will for us.

I'll get some garden pictures when I am able.  Take care!