Sunday, November 23, 2014

Latest Craft Project

I have storage issues for everything!  Small house but I have many interests and so a lot of stuff.  I'm always looking for ways to be more organized.

I first saw this on youtube as a Kaisercraft kit, then a Sizzix die project, and a box making tutorial by Jim the Gentleman Crafter.  I purchased these wall cubbies at thrift stores ( a dollar each) and used a couple in the kitchen until I replaced them with Ikea units.  Now I will use them on my desk to hold craft supplies.

Please excuse the fabric back drop.  It's a window with a topper curtain an the light was not allowing me to get a good picture.
The left side of picture shows what the cubbies look like, to the right is how I will use them with drawers. The drawers aren't decorated yet and the wonky looking one out in front was my first attempt.  I'll probably do it over.  I'm having a lot of fun with this.
Anyway, I used double thickness cereal boxes to make the boxes.  All separate pieces.  The bottom piece is 4" x 3-1/2"; the sides are 3-1/2" x 3" and the front and backs are 4" x 3-1/2".Then I glued the pieces in a cross shape to a 12" x 12" piece of kraft stock paper.  A brown paper bag would work too. Since the frame of cubbies is wood I wanted the boxes to be sturdy.  The kraft stock did firm up the boxes. Cut the box out of the kraft stock with 1/2" or more border to wrap around to inside of box making a smooth finish to the rim.
Next step is to embellish and attach drawer pulls.  I also need to paint the wood and maybe get a piece of wood to make a base for more stability.
 I'll update when I have a finished unit.  I can't decide which papers to use yet.  Although a really cute country theme would be seed packets!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Garlic

Well, I had enough garlic left to plant another bed, but not another bed available :(

I've decided to plant it in containers in the unheated greenhouse.  It should be warm enough in there to establish some roots before the real cold weather is on us.

I've saved a couple ounces of acorn squash seed.  It was delicious.  We have 2 left.  I did an apple, walnut, raisin, cinnamon stuffing with butter in them and everybody really liked it so I'll do a repeat.

Also saved basil seeds but I haven't removed them from the cut stems yet. Still in the bag drying.  I did root basil cuttings and planted in one container. It's growing fine.

I'm considering growing lettuce on the window sill now.  I probably will.  So expensive in the stores.  Well, until next time....