Friday, October 24, 2014

Just Got My Garlic

I'm so disappointed with my garlic order.  I ordered it August 11th and only received it on Tuesday.  The bed was prepared ages ago so all I have to hope for is that it's not too late.  I should have had it planted in the last week of September or first week in October.  Tomorrow I have to take my mom a couple places and when I get back I'll plant.

My latest project is the grandkids Christmas store for the school.  They go to a Montessori school in Pittsburgh.   This is the page for the store .  Everyone is asked to donate craft materials and then specific items as requested like jars, cans, tissue paper, etc..

I've been collecting materials for a few things I'm making.  So far, this is my list of gifts I'm making and donating:

  • Paper beads for bracelets
  • Tin can luminaries
  • Jar night lights
  • Paper bead Christmas tree earrings
  • Double Tea Bag Holders
  • Wisteria vine baskets?  Not sure if I'll have time for them
  • Pine Cone ornaments
I'll get pictures of the tea bag holders and Christmas tree earrings tomorrow when it's light...after Mom's.

So this will be what I'm doing most nights!